Are you insured?

Yes, absolutely. We suggest that you as a consumer always check for insurance on the contractors that you have do any kind of work for you. Our insurance certificate is available for you to see upon request either when we come out to give you an evaluation on your trees or when we begin the work.

You are licensed, right?

Absolutely. This is probably the number one question you should make sure you are positive of before hiring any tree care company. Most insurances for tree service will not be binding if the company is not licensed. Your trees must be properly trimmed by someone that knows exactly where and how to make the pruning cuts for the overall health and longevity of your tree.

Do you take the tree limbs with you?

Generally all of our estimates include cleaning up all tree limbs and debris. We pride ourselves on doing a great job of cleaning all the areas of your property that we make a mess of while performing tree trimming or tree removal services. At times we are asked to leave wood or do tree trimming or tree removals where the customer wants us to leave the tree limbs and they will do clean-up. This is referred to as a drop & leave which can save on your cost. However, often times when we perform tree services and the limbs or the tree is on the ground it is more than the customer expected and then we are asked to do the clean-up. When this happens it ends up costing the customer more than if they had just had us cleaning up while we were in the process of trimming or removing the tree.

I have power lines running through my tree. Is that a problem?

No. Although we respect them power lines do not bother us. In most cases we can work around them while performing tree trimming or tree removal services. When there is an instance that we cannot work around them we contact Excel energy and they will schedule with us to have the line dropped while we perform the tree trimming or tree removal. The average time that you will be without power is approximately 4 – 6 hours.

Will there be any damage to my yard?

Usually there is not going to be any damage to your yard. There are however some jobs that damage to the surface of your lawn is unavoidable. This damage is generally limited to divots caused by larger branches or pieces of wood that are coming out of tree removals. Even so we do everything possible to preserve your landscaping.

My tree is growing over my house. How will you trim or remove my tree without damaging my roof?

We are very good at what we do and have several techniques to insure the safety of all of your property. Depending on what the situation calls for will determine how we proceed with your tree trimming or tree removal. The main technique used is to tie off the portion of the tree to come out, carefully make the cuts required for the portion of the tree to go the safest direction and then slowly lowering it down into predetermined landing zone.

Critter Questions:

We constantly run into wildlife while performing tree services. There are only a few ordinances concerning the types of wildlife we encounter.

Honeybees: The honeybee is protected. We do have people that specialize in the care and housing of honeybees. These people will meet us at the job site to move and reestablish the hive at no extra cost to our customers.

Birds of prey: We simply are not allowed to disturb these types of birds.

Squirrels: Often times we cut squirrel nests out of trees with young in them. This is not a problem, however we do try not to harm them and squirrels always have secondary nests to move them to.

When is the best time to trim my tree?

With most trees it does not matter. There are a few species that should only be trimmed in the winter time due to their susceptibility to disease and bacteria. These include the American Elm tree or any multi-seeded fruit tree of the rose family such as the Mountain Ash, Pear, Apple, and Crabapple trees.

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