Honey Bee Rescue

Few people look forward to finding bees on their property. A popular area of honey bee infestation is in tall trees and bushes, which can be dangerous for anyone spending time outside, especially if there are children or elderly people in the vicinity. There are lots of options when it comes to getting rid of bees, but many solutions are inhumane, unsafe, or toxic.

One of the best way to remove honey bees from a tree is simply to relocate them to a safe environment. Skilled arborists or beekeepers know how fast bees can build a hive, meaning that once you find a hive on your property, it is most likely very big and the home to hundreds of bees and pounds of valuable honey. To complete a honey bee rescue, the hive is sealed off the day before work begins. Sealing off the hive contains the bees and creates a safe environment for working that doesn’t harm the bees or allow them to keep growing and re-populating the area. On the day of the rescue, the occupied portion of the tree is taken down and carefully lowered before it is safely transported to honey bee keepers. Beekeepers can save most of the bees in a different environment and harvest the honey to continue the ecosystem of pollination.

This method of bee removal is safe not only to the bees and honey, but also to your tree. By removing the infested segment, the rest of the tree can continue to grow and thrive without unwanted creatures. And although there are few ideal situations for finding and removing bees, completing a honeybee rescue is one of the safest and least invasive ways to handle the situation, especially when done by a professional.

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