Evaluation for Tree Trimming

denver tree trimmingWe all love our trees.  If you have any on your property, you want to see them grow up and prosper.  Part of nurturing your trees is making sure they’re taken care of throughout their life… like kids, but much easier.

There are occasions when it makes sense to hire a professional arborist. One of those instances is when it’s time to think about pruning your mature shade trees.  You should look for a licensed arborist that is fully insured.  Pruning should have a purpose, like reducing the shade so you can grow other things on the ground, improving the view on your property, or thinning branches so you won’t have as much snow breakage.   If you share your goals with the arborist you hire, they can come up with a plan and determine how your tree should be pruned.

It seems like all pruning a tree would require would be a chainsaw and some time on the weekend; but if not done correctly, you can cause stress to the tree and ultimately decrease its life span or make it less immune to diseases.   Additionally, all pruning done by an arborist will ensure that the tree keeps its natural shape and make it a happy tree!

One of the things you can do before you have an arborist take a look at your trees is to clean them.  You won’t need a sponge or even a bucket of water.  It’s important to get rid of broken branches on the tree that may carry disease and certainly don’t help the tree grow.  You can cut any broken branches that you can reach and then let the arborist you hire get to the higher ones during the pruning process.

After you’ve evaluated the trees on your property, call an arborist near you to make sure your trees are happy and healthy!