CODOMINANT STEMS The term “codominant stems” is used to describe two or more stems that emerge from the same location on the main trunk of a tree. The stems are […]

Tallahassee Florida Tree service. A Family Tree Service crew is currently in Florida to help people with tree clean up and tree removal. We can serve the following areas; Towns […]

arbor day 2016

Trees are something you may not notice every day as you rush to work and school, but just think if they were gone… what a barren place Colorado would be […]

ash tree

We all love our trees.  If you have any on your property, you want to see them grow up and prosper.  Part of nurturing your trees is making sure they’re […]

christmas tree trimming in denver

The holiday season is here and it’s time to prune your trees for Christmas! After you’ve trimmed your Christmas tree with your best ornaments, it’s time to get your trees […]