Pruning Your Trees for Christmas

christmas tree trimming in denverThe holiday season is here and it’s time to prune your trees for Christmas!

After you’ve trimmed your Christmas tree with your best ornaments, it’s time to get your trees in your yard trimmed as well. With the winter season in full force in the Denver metro area, the risk of damage to your home from trees is increasing all the time. Denver Tree Services offers a full range of tree trimming and removal options for all residents of Denver, Arvada, Lakewood, Englewood, and all other metro areas.

Pruning your trees on your property regularly keeps them healthy by removing dead or malnourished branches and limbs before they become a potential danger to your house. Trees in the wild shed their weak or diseased limbs to grow newer, healthier ones. You can help your tree keep itself healthy with a call to Denver Tree Services to remove any unhealthy limbs and branches from your trees. As the winter months set in, tree branches become more dangerous. In addition to severe winter storms knocking branches off and creating problems with flying debris, branches start to hold large amounts of snow. This is especially dangerous in evergreen trees, which can collect more snow than their deciduous counterparts. As the snow collects on tree branches, the weight from the excess water and snow mass starts to cause the branch to bend and eventually break off. You can avoid this problem by having a professional cut down weakened branches and help your trees avoid similar situations in the future.

Trees are valuable to homeowners for many reasons. They can provide shade, privacy, and beauty to any outdoor area and they often add tremendous value to any given property. When properly cared for, trees can add value for decades. One way to protect your property’s value is to care for its trees. Investing in regular, top-notch tree care from professionals such as those at A Family  Tree Service is an investment in your property’s value for the future. Properly maintaining your trees on your property protects your home and your family from potentially dangerous situations during storms and the winter months, and it adds value to your property overall.

Another benefit of pruning the trees on your property, it also preserves the health and robustness of your tree. Pruning can improve the shape and silhouette of the tree and create a more solid overall tree structure that is more wind resistant, making it less likely to drop its branches or limbs during storms or windy days. Regular pruning by Denver Tree Services also prevents problems with tree branches interfering with power lines or cables to your home. Limbs can also interfere with building facades, rooves, chimneys, windows, and even sidewalks. Young trees respond well to pruning, too. You can train your tree to grow faster and stronger with careful, regular pruning throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer.

Before you trim your trees this holiday season, check out Denver Tree Services and fill out a free evaluation form here.